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Shakespeare & Beyond

Excerpt: 'Shakespearean' by Robert McCrum

When Robert McCrum began his recovery from a life-changing stroke in the 1990s, he discovered that the only words that made sense to him were snatches of Shakespeare. The First Folio became his “book of life”—an endless source of inspiration through which he could embark on “journeys of the mind” and see a reflection of our own disrupted times.

This excerpt from McCrum’s recent book Shakespearean: On Life and Language in Times of Disruption is an ode to Hamlet. “Above all, Hamlet resounds to the clash of those dramatic antitheses with which Shakespeare animated his stagecraft,” writes McCrum, a former associate editor and literary editor of The Observer. “It is a play of noble simplicity and majestic complexity.”



Rebecca W Kahn — September 3, 2021

Lovely text about a transcendant alive work. Thank you!

Ruth Weiner — September 15, 2021