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Shakespeare & Beyond

How 'The New York Times' commemorated the Shakespeare tercentenary in 1916

2016 marks 400 years after William Shakespeare’s death, and the world is celebrating the quatercentenary with Shakespeare performances, festivals, and fireworks.

One hundred years ago, what was said about the Shakespeare tercentenary in the United States? We see one of these windows on the past in The New York Times, which ran a special Shakespeare commemorative series from February 20 – April 23, 1916. Woodrow Wilson was president, and America was one year away from joining the British in World War I.

The series featured essays by scholars, as well as prints of illustrated scenes from Shakespeare plays and well-known actors in Shakespearean roles.


Thank You

Joy Hundley — April 19, 2016

What an aquifer for me to come and sit by the well and drink and so satisfy my mind and heart. Thank You. Artistic Director of Shakespeare On Main Street, Manchester VT

Gary Meitrott — April 21, 2016