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Shakespeare & Beyond

Quiz: Shakespeare trivia

What is Shakespeare’s shortest play? Which female character has the most lines? Test your Shakespeare knowledge with this trivia quiz.


Good set of questions. Do it again periodically.

Stanley Szefler — June 26, 2019

Love the quizzes! Question about number of lines in female role: ShakespearePro says Cleopatra has 679 lines and Rosalind has 361. Quiz says Rosalind has more lines. ??? Thanks much…….js

Joan Saxton — June 26, 2019

Some guy named “Ganymede” usually gets credited with most of Rosalind’s lines.

Jeff Meade — August 16, 2019

A good question might be sky something like this: “What is Shakespeare’s most controversial stage direction?” The answer is ” Exit, pursued by a bear.” My own favorite stage direction is, ” “Enter Ariel, invisible.”

Deborah Berger — February 29, 2020