Free Folger Friday: Write Your Renaissance Love Letter

Friday, February 12, 2016, 6:00 pm
Folger Haskell Center

This event is currently sold out.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, join Folger Curator and Archivist Heather Wolfe for a small group workshop to create your own Renaissance-style love letter. Participants will learn  about the history of letter writing in Shakespeare’s day and write and seal their own letters using early modern techniques. 
Heather Wolfe is curator of the current Folger exhibition Shakespeare, Life of an Icon. She co-curated and co-edited Letterwriting in Renaissance England, a Folger exhibition and exhibition catalogue, with Alan Stewart, in 2004. The Folger has thousands of Renaissance letters in its collection, from which we will draw inspiration.
Supplies and sonnets will be provided. 
Learn More
Read an article on the Folger Collation Blog about letterlocking co-written by Heather Wolfe and Jana Dambrogio (who coined the term) and go in depth with one locked letter in the Folger collection written by the wife of James I.
You can also watch a series of Youtube videos demonstrating letter locking techniques and explore current letterlocking research including the Signed, Sealed, & Undelivered Project investigating a seventeenth-century trunk of undelivered and locked letters.