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Henry IV, Part 1 - Characters in the Play


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Henry IV, Part 1 - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
King Henry IV, formerly Henry Bolingbroke
Prince Hal, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne (also
 called Harry and Harry Monmouth)

Lord John of Lancaster, younger son of King Henry
Earl of Westmoreland
Sir Walter Blunt
Hotspur (Sir Henry, or Harry, Percy)
Lady Percy (also called Kate)
Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy, Hotspur’s father
Earl of Worcester, Thomas Percy, Hotspur’s uncle
Edmund Mortimer, earl of March
Lady Mortimer (also called “the Welsh lady”)
Owen Glendower, a Welsh lord, father of Lady Mortimer
Douglas (Archibald, earl of Douglas)
Archbishop (Richard Scroop, archbishop of York)
Sir Michael, a priest or knight associated with the archbishop
Sir Richard Vernon, an English knight
Sir John Falstaff
Poins (also called Edward, Yedward, and Ned)
Gadshill, setter for the robbers
Hostess of the tavern (also called Mistress Quickly)
Vintner, or keeper of the tavern
Francis, an apprentice tapster
Carriers, Ostlers, Chamberlain, Travelers, Sheriff, Servants, Lords, Attendants, Messengers, Soldiers