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Henry VI, Part 1 - Characters in the Play


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Henry VI, Part 1 - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
The English
King Henry VI
Lord Talbot, afterwards Earl of Shrewsbury
John Talbot, his son
Duke of Gloucester, the king’s uncle, and Lord Protector
Duke of Bedford, the king’s uncle, and Regent of France
Duke of Exeter, the king’s great-uncle
Cardinal, Bishop of Winchester, the king’s great-uncle
Duke of Somerset
Richard Plantagenet, later Duke of York, and Regent of France
Earl of Warwick
Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Suffolk, William de la Pole
Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March
Sir William Glansdale
Sir Thomas Gargrave
Sir John Fastolf
Sir William Lucy
Woodville, Lieutenant of the Tower of London
Vernon, of the White Rose or York faction
Basset, of the Red Rose or Lancaster faction
A Lawyer
Jailors to Mortimer
A Legate
Mayor of London

Heralds, Attendants, three Messengers, Servingmen in blue coats and in tawny coats, two Warders, Officers, Soldiers, Captains, Watch, Trumpeters, Drummer, Servant, two Ambassadors

The French
Charles, Dauphin of France
Joan la Pucelle, also Joan of Arc
Reignier, Duke of Anjou and Maine, King of Naples
Margaret, his daughter
Duke of Alanson
Bastard of Orleance
Duke of Burgundy
General of the French forces at Bordeaux
Countess of Auvergne
Her Porter
Master Gunner of Orleance
Boy, his son
Sergeant of a Band
A Shepherd, Pucelle’s father

Drummer, Soldiers, two Sentinels, Messenger, Soldiers, Governor of Paris, Herald, Scout, Fiends accompanying Pucelle