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Henry VIII - Characters in the Play


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Henry VIII - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
King Henry the Eighth
Duke of Norfolk
Duke of Suffolk
Cardinal Wolsey, Archbishop of Canterbury
Secretaries to Wolsey
Cromwell, servant to Wolsey, later secretary to the Privy Council
Cardinal Campeius, Papal Legate
Gardiner, secretary to the king, later Bishop of Winchester
Page to Gardiner
Queen Katherine, Henry’s first wife, later Princess Dowager
Griffith, attendant on Katherine
Patience, woman to Katherine
Queen’s Gentleman Usher
Capuchius, ambassador from the Emperor Charles
Duke of Buckingham
Lord Abergavenny, Buckingham’s son-in-law
Earl of Surrey, Buckingham’s son-in-law
Sir Nicholas Vaux
Knevet, former Surveyor to Buckingham
Sergeant at Arms
First Gentleman
Second Gentleman
Anne Bullen, Katherine’s lady-in-waiting, later Henry’s
 second wife and queen

Old Lady, with Anne Bullen
Lord Chamberlain
Lord Sands (also Sir Walter Sands)
Sir Thomas Lovell
Sir Henry Guilford
Bishop of Lincoln
Cranmer, later Archbishop of Canterbury
Lord Chancellor
Garter King of Arms
Third Gentleman
Sir Anthony Denny
Doctor Butts
Porter and his Man
Spirits, Princess Elizabeth as an infant, Duchess of Norfolk, Marquess and Marchioness of Dorset, Lords, Nobles, Countesses, Bishops, Judges, Priests, Ladies, Gentlemen, Gentlemen Ushers, Lord Mayor, Four Representatives of the Cinque Ports, Aldermen, Women, Musicians, Choristers, Guards, Tipstaves, Halberds, Vergers, Attendants, Servants, Messenger, Pages, Footboys, Grooms