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Listen: Romeo and Juliet

The Folger Shakespeare Library and our publishing partner, Simon & Schuster Audio, hope you enjoy these excerpts from our audio performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This production was performed by the professional actors of Folger Theatre, in consultation with the editors of The Folger Shakespeare. The Folger Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet audiobook is available on a wide variety of audiobook platforms.


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Act 2, scene 2


From Capulet’s garden Romeo overhears Juliet express her love for him. When he answers her, they acknowledge their love and their desire to be married.

Act 3, scene 1


Mercutio and Benvolio encounter Tybalt on the street. As soon as Romeo arrives, Tybalt tries to provoke him to fight. When Romeo refuses, Mercutio answers Tybalt’s challenge. They duel and Mercutio is fatally wounded. Romeo then avenges Mercutio’s death by killing Tybalt in a duel. Benvolio tries to persuade the Prince to excuse Romeo’s slaying of Tybalt; however, the Capulets demand that Romeo pay with his life; the Prince instead banishes Romeo from Verona.


Romeo—Michael Goldsmith
Juliet—Emily Trask
Friar Lawrence—Eric Hissom
Nurse—Naomi Jacobson
Lord Capulet—Ian Merrill Peakes
Mercutio—Tom Story
Benvolio—Andrew Schwartz
Lady Capulet—Karen Peakes
Tybalt—Chris Genebach
Paris—Michael Brusasco
The Prince—Louis Butelli

All other parts were played by members of the company.

Creative Team

Robert Richmond—Director
Beth Emelson—Producer
Anthony Cochrane—Composer
Katharine Pitt—Production Assistant
Adam Stamper—Sound Engineer
Cody Nickell—Narrator

Michael Witmore—Director, Folger Shakespeare Library
Janet Alexander Griffin—Artistic Producer
Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine—Editors, Folger Editions

Recorded at Omega Studios and Audio School, Rockville, Maryland.

In partnership with Simon & Schuster Audio