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Code of Professional Conduct

The Folger Institute creates unique opportunities for scholars from many different career stages to share their works-in-progress in ever-shifting communities of intellectual inquiry. The circulation of emerging, experimental, and newly synthesized ideas is central to the work that we foster at the Institute. The openness to communal feedback that we encourage requires equal amounts of vulnerability and trust as the projects in discussion are in formation and flux. It is crucial, therefore, for all members of the Institute’s community to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct. We must follow established citation, copyright, and attribution guidelines in handling the intellectual property of others, including (but not limited to) abstracts, papers, presentations, conversations, comments, and talks.

Please treat works-in-progress that you encounter in Institute settings in the same way as papers read or circulated at other professional scholarly settings. Do not re-circulate another’s pre-published work in your own scholarship or teaching without the author’s explicit permission. Be generous in footnoting conversational insight into your project that entails another’s ongoing work. We expect others to extend the same courtesies to you.

January 2018