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Current Fellows

Folger Institute Research Fellows

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To view past fellows, explore the list of long-term fellows, short-term fellows, and artistic fellows on Folgerpedia.

2023-2024 Fellows

Long-term Fellows

Mira Assaf Kafantaris
Royal Marriage, Foreign Queens, and Constructions of Race in the Early Modern Period

Cecilio M. Cooper
South of Heaven: Surface, Territory + the Black Chthonic

Alicia Meyer
The Bridewell Standard: Early Modern Allegories of Sex and Gender

Su Fang Ng
Brokering with Caliban: A Literary History of Early Modern English Diplomacy in the East Indies

Sandra M. Young
Tracing racial slavery in early modern public culture and its afterlives: Reading strategies for an ambivalent archive

Short-term Artistic Residential Fellows

Casey Carsel
The ink‚ the needle‚ the knife: A material study of the Jew in Shakespeare’s England

Suzanne Coley
Old and New: Accessing Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Embroidered Bindings

Leah Hampton
GERTRUDE(S): A novel

Megan Riordan
Deepening Service: researching culinary depictions‚ practices‚ and languaging in Shakespeare and the early modern era

Short-term Scholarly Residential Fellows

Claire Bourne
Accidental Shakespeare

Lauren Beck
Discovering Spain: Non-European Perceptions and Experiences of Spain‚ 1492-1800

Elena Brizio
The legal justification of ‘maternal love’ from the Renaissance to today

Maria Cannon
Blending the Family: Affection‚ Obligation and Dynasty in Early Modern English Stepfamilies

Jean Christensen
Bodies of the Crown: Kinship‚ Health‚ and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture

Douglas Clark
The Forgotten Manuscript Poetry of Early Modern England

Andrés Gattinoni
The English Malady Abroad: Emotions and Translations of Melancholy in Continental Europe in the Long 18th Century (1660-1800)

Cora James
Training and Trading: Professional Networks and Stage Families‚ 1680-1800

Anna Jamieson
Unlocking the Feminization of Madness: Ophelia’s Representations and Reception‚ 1770-1840

Charmian Mansell
People on the Move in Early Modern England

Emma Marshall
Social Dynamics and the Management of Sickness and Healthcare in Elite English Families‚ c.1620-1750

Carol Mejia LaPerle
Ill-will: Race and Volition in William Shakespeare

Kathleen Miller
England’s Plague and New England’s Pox: Literary Transactions of Contagious Disease in the Atlantic World‚ 1550 to 1850

Anita Raychawdhuri
Talking Dirty: Queer Performance‚ Racialized Spectacle‚ and Empire in Early Modern English Drama

Mark Rosen
The View from Above: Bird’s-Eye Views and Spectacular Seeing in the Early Modern World

Abigail Shinn
The Architecture of Conversion and the Early Modern Stage c. 1592-1613

Artistic Virtual Fellows

Gbenga Adesina
Hamlet on the Atlantic

Elise Ansel
Taking Liberties

Courtney Bailey
BRITCHES – a new play about Charlotte Cushman‚ developed in collaboration with Missouri incarcerated artists

Alexander D’Agostino
The Fairy King’s Grimoire

Bakpak Durden
To Be Witnessed‚ in 3 acts

Jay Eddy
Mariam‚ Fair Queen of Jersey: A Rock Opera

Krysten Fikes
ANNOTATION – A Most High Cotton Epic Poem in Three Groovements Or Otherwise Called A Most High Cotton Trilogy: An Elizabonic! Hypothesis”

Anna McNiel
Bringing Florentine food and culture closer together: how early modern food traditions have persisted to the tables of today.

Amy Reid
Unearthing Queer Ecologies

Cleavon Smith
Minor Characters Die

Scholarly Virtual Fellows

Kasie Alt
Staging the Landscape

Betul Basaran
Cross-Cultural Intimacy and Mixed Marriages in the Ottoman Empire (early modern era)

Corinne Bayerl
The Stage on Trial: Transnational Opposition Against the Theatre in 17th-Century Europe

Renee Bricker
The Queen and Pungent Times: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Smell

Vanessa Corredera
Staging Liberation: Strategies of Anti-Domination in Shakespearean Performance

Zachary Dorner
Caring for the Precariat: State Responsibility in an Age of Uncertainty

Nora Epstein
“Gathered Fragments and Broken Sentences”: Exploring the Hybridity of Thomas Trevelyon’s Visual Commonplace Books

Philip Goldfarb Styrt
Imperial Concerns: Early Modern Drama and the Flaws of Empire

Trina Hyun
Media Theologies‚ 1615-1668

Annette Joseph-Gabriel
Enslaved Childhoods: Survival and Storytelling in the Atlantic World

Elizabeth Kolkovich
Remaking Shakespeare’s Masques

Dianne Mitchell
Entangled Things: Lyric Form and Material Culture in Early Modern England

William Morgan
A Different Kind of Servitude: Cuban Tobacco in the Age of Atlantic Slavery

Sean O’Neil
The Art of Signs: Symbolic Notation and Visual Thinking in Early Modern Europe