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Fellowships FAQs

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Fellowship eligibility

What kinds of projects are eligible for a Folger Fellowship?
Do I need a Ph.D. to apply?
Can international scholars apply?
How many Folger Fellowships may I be awarded?
Can I apply for both a short-term and a long-term fellowship within the same application cycle?
Am I eligible to apply for or receive a Folger Fellowship if I have been awarded another research grant or fellowship from a different institution within the same fellowship year?

Application questions

Do I need to name the specific fellowship endowment for which I am applying?
Do I need to specify in my application the length of my fellowship period?
Can I apply for an individual Folger Fellowship if my project is collaborative or part of a larger project?
How will my application be judged, and will I receive feedback?
When will award announcements be made?

General questions

Do I need a fellowship in order to get advice from a Folger librarian?
Can I visit or research at the Folger if I am not a fellow?