Undergraduate Research

We expect and encourage our scholars—who are also often undergraduate professors—to bring their own and others’ Folger research findings into their classrooms. With this purpose in mind, the Institute provides bibliographies and primary sourcebooks, and maintains a list of other web resources for faculty to use in teaching. However, undergraduate students can also access the Folger on their own. They can apply for special reading privileges at the Folger to do their own research here. Undergraduate students can also explore the Folger and its collections through the programs listed below. 

Class tours and visits

Faculty are encouraged to arrange for tours with their undergraduate classes. To arrange an introductory class visit, you can book a standard Folger group tour by sending us an email. Collections-focused class tours or seminar sessions must be initiated through a separate process, starting with submitting this request form.

Amherst Undergraduate Fellowship Program

Each January, a group of undergraduate fellows from Amherst College attend a two-week intensive mini-seminar on “Media, Materiality, and Meaning” at the Folger, designed to help them pursue independent research projects. Further information is available from Amherst about these Folger Undergraduate Fellowships.