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DC & Me Living Folio Workshop Series - MLK Memorial

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This event has passed.

Dates Wed, Apr 19 — Fri, Apr 21, 2023

DC residents are invited to be a collaborative part of the creative documentation of personal histories and community relationships to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library and its neighborhood within our 3-part “Living History” Folio Workshops.  In these creative workshops participants will be invited to develop and submit performance-based writings to be part of our ‘DC & Me’ Installation series.

The three-part workshop will include the following themes and activation:

Wed, Apr 19 at 4pm
Part 1: The Past
What do you believe are the untold stories of your communities’ history?

Thu, Apr 20 at 4pm
Part 2: The Present
What is the story of the moment? What do you want to ensure is remembered for the future?

Fri, Apr 21 at 12pm
Part 3: Our future
What are your deepest dreams for your community’s future?

This workshop will allow participants to explore those stories in a series of writing and performance activities.  The outcome of the workshops will be an interactive and performance-based installation piece that is installed within central community locations.  These pieces will be entirely inspired by and devised from the words and creativity within this workshop series.

Participants can choose to register for all three or for individual sessions.

DC Public Library

This event is part of Searching for Shakespeare: Celebrating 400 Years of Shakespeare’s First Folio, our April 2023 festival in partnership with DC Public Library.

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This event has passed.