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Shakespeare is FOR Students with IEPs and 504s

Booking and details

This event has passed.

Dates Wed, Apr 17, 2024, 8pm ET

Tickets Free

Duration 1 hour

Folger Education professional development

Teachers, you’ll walk away with…

  • The knowledge that Shakespeare’s language is not a barrier but a portal. This session will explore activities that get your students working with the real thing. Including Folger Method inspired differentiation that will make a huge difference for your students.
  • Folger Essential Practices that have scaffolding for your students baked into the recipe. Things like 3D Lit and Twenty Minute Plays. Your students will quickly find out that they can access Shakespeare or any complex text and have lots of fun while doing it.
  • Strategies that make Shakespeare matter for your students. Things like admitting that you don’t have all the answers, making connections to real life, and focusing on juicy key scenes to get your students hooked!

This session will be led by Roni DiGenno. Roni is a special education teacher at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in Washington, DC. She earned her BA in Literature from Stockton University in Pomona, New Jersey, and her MA in English from Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. Her background in English and passion for special education led her to the educational mission of the Folger Shakespeare Library, participating in the Teaching Shakespeare Institute in 2016.