• Finn Wittrock (Demetrius) and Lily Rabe (Helena)

    Midsummer in Los Angeles

    Director Casey Wilder Mott’s 2017 film adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream sets Shakespeare’s story in modern Los Angeles. Listen to an interview with Mott and Fran Kanz who co-produced the film and played Bottom.

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  • Shakespeare's Theater

    Learn more about the playhouses of Shakespeare’s time, including the Globe, and what it would have been like to see a performance there.

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  • KieranTimberlake/OLIN

    Building Renovation Project

    The main building will be undergoing a major renovation beginning in early 2020 to expand public space, improve accessibility, and enhance the experience for all who come here. The project is supported by the $50 million Wonder of Will campaign, which formally launched Apr 15 at the Folger Gala.

    Building Project The Wonder of Will

  • A Monument to Shakespeare

    Learn about the extraordinary Folger Shakespeare Library building, designed by architect Paul Philippe Cret, and its modernized classical exterior and English Renaissance interior. Through Jan 5

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  • Elizabeth I and Xiaozhuang

    Though not quite contemporaries, the English queen and the Qing empress would have found many similarities in their court cultures and much to talk about given their intellectual and political interests.

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Drawing Shakespeare

As part of a series of blog posts about drawing the Shakespeare bas-reliefs on the front of the Folger Shakespeare Library building, artist Paul Glenshaw writes about this tense scene from Hamlet.

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What Might Have Influenced Love’s Labor’s Lost?

Love’s Labor’s Lost is one of three Shakespeare plays without a primary source, but this blog post explores some of the contemporary influences Shakespeare might have drawn on when writing this romantic comedy.

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    Feast on a smorgasbord of Shakespeare and Shaffer. Larger-than-life characters—full of humor, hubris, and hunger—take the Folger stage next season. These legendary figures—from Falstaff to Mozart—will leave you craving more. Subscribers get the best seats at the best price, plus other exclusive benefits.

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