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The Collation

Invitation to preview our new catalog

Psssst…. we’re working on a new online catalog for the Folger collection. Do you want to help out by having an early look? If so, please keep reading! The link is deliberately buried deep in this blog post because there’s some context we want you to have, and some important warnings about the parts that we’re still working on.

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  3. Keep in mind that not everything in the digital image database has a link from the catalog yet. Just because “Available online” doesn’t show up in the catalog doesn’t mean it’s not in LUNA.
  4. See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data for a full list of standard MARC codes. List of fields in active use at the Folger to come.
  5. Records for Folger vault items that contain links to scanned images of that item in LUNA will show as available online and in the vault.


I was wanting to test searching by MARC code. Can you provide me a little help?

Laura Guy — May 11, 2022

Sure! Go to and click the “Search Tips” link near the bottom of the screen. There’s a “MARC Fields” section about halfway down the Search Tips page.

We’ll be posting a Folger-specific guide that links to Folger cataloging policy for the different fields, including local fields, but that’s still being written. Meanwhile, keep in mind that copy-specific notes for published materials are in in MARC 852$z, while equivalent notes for manuscripts, drawings, and other unpublished material are in their specialized MARC fields (e.g., MARC 561 for provenance, MARC 563 for binding description).

Try copy-and-pasting this into the search box, for example:
336%%a:"still image" AND 600:"taming of the shrew" NOT 655:(photographs OR paintings)
(that’s just a random off-the-top-of-my-head example of the syntax, not a search anyone is likely to want to do)

Erin Blake — May 11, 2022