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The Collation

Undergraduate reports from the Reading Room

Today’s post features two accounts from students at The George Washington University who are in this semester’s Folger Undergradaute Seminar.

Lyssa Meddin

title page

When I first heard about the Folger Shakespeare Library Undergraduate Seminar I was finishing up my freshman year at The George Washington University; from that moment on I couldn’t wait to be a senior.  At a time when e-readers were becoming popular, getting a chance to learn about how books were made and to be surrounded by them seemed like the best thing I had ever heard of.  It is about a month and a half into the semester and I am thrilled to say that this class has been everything I was hoping it would be.


Thanks for sharing! It’s great to read student reflections on being in the reading room and on handling rare materials. It also sounds like these undergrads are developing skills while doing interesting research on a variety of topics. Please post more on this class!

Robin M. Katz — October 24, 2011

We’re glad to have you in the reading rooms! I too have been interested in the printing of marginal notes that seem to interpret the printed text: they raise the question, why don’t we have such notes now? Do we feel that we all, each of us, should have our own opinion of what’s going on in the text and so don’t kneed prompts in the margins? I hope you enjoy your time in the Library!

Michael Witmore — October 28, 2011