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Folger Story

Liz and Scott Vance

Part of our series spotlighting donors to The Wonder of Will: The Campaign for the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Gift: Support for the Capital Project

Liz Vance and her husband Scott have been loyal Folger Theatre patrons and season sponsors for many years. They first came to the Folger before their children were born and, as Liz says, “We loved it immediately. Being at the Folger is a really awesome experience. D.C. is a town that’s full of huge institutions that are almost overwhelming in their size and what they have, but the Folger is intimate, and you really feel like you’re a part of it. Every time we come here, it’s something different and it’s awesome.”

Liz and Scott have made a commitment to The Wonder of Will which they are gifting through monthly credit card deductions – an easy way to support the building project without having to remember to write a check.

Inspiration for supporting the campaign

“Scott and I simply started as members and the more we got involved, the more we saw what the Folger had to offer to everybody. The Folger is something that we really believe in and we want to put our support behind it. This is an organization that’s important to me, I feel connected to it, and I want to help ensure that it lasts. But I also want to expose other people to it as well, and that is why we want to support The Wonder of Will as much as we can.”

The intimate magic of the Folger

“I think one of the things that really makes the Folger unique is that, because of how small the venue is, you are a part of EVERYTHING. I actually had King Lear crawl across my lap once, which was kind of awesome.

I recently attended an event where we saw some of the materials that are not brought out very often. And under the supervision of a curator, I was able to turn some pages. I was able to touch a First Folio! That experience was connecting me—now, here—to this material that is hundreds of years old. It’s just an absolutely amazing feeling. Being a part of that—just having this touchstone to so much history—was incredible, so exciting.

You’re made to feel like you are part of a community. All of it adds to the whole experience of being part of something almost magical. And when you’re brought back to the real world, it really kind of hits home just how amazing that whole experience was.”