What is Hamnet?

Hamnet is the Folger Shakespeare Library’s publicly available online catalog. Hamnet contains bibliographic records for many of the important parts of our collection, including the following materials:

  • Most materials published since 1800
  • All STC books (English imprints 1475–1640)
  • All Wing books (English imprints 1641–1700) shelved by Wing number and
  • About 90% of Wing books shelved by accession number

Other materials include all incunables (that is, books printed before 1501), courtesy books, and promptbooks, as well as all 18th-century English books shelved by LC call number, 

Hamnet also includes bibliographic records for all copies of the Shakespeare Folios and for most single-play editions of the plays published after 1700. (It does not yet include records for 18th- through 20th-century sets of Shakespeare’s plays.)

Please note that our cataloging efforts have been largely focused on English materials, so there are a number of continental books that are not in Hamnet. Readers should always double-check our card catalogs when searching for material. If you are not on-site, please e-mail reference@folger.edu if you have questions about whether or not we have materials in our collection.

Who can use it?

Hamnet is available to all - scholars, students, and enthusiasts. 

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