A Branch of Freshest Green

Music of Hildegard Von Bingen

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February 02 – 03, 2018
Washington National Cathedral

In the Gothic nave of Washington National Cathedral, Folger Consort presents a bouquet of soaring and ecstatic melodies of this great 12th-century visionary and composer. Hildegard’s mystical hymns and sequences from her landmark Symphony of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations are presented alongside works by living female composers in new arrangements for female voices and medieval instruments. Selections from Susan Botti’s Bird Songs and Kate Soper’s Songs for Nobody, along with a new arrangement of Pulitzer Prize-winner Shulamit Ran’s Credo/Ani Ma’Amin, are interspersed with music more than 800 years old in a program reflecting on nature, spirituality, and eternity.

With bowed and plucked strings, winds, percussion, and vocal ensemble Trio Eos.


Folger Consort gratefully acknowledges the kind support of Gail Orgelfinger and Charles Hanna and D. James Baker and Emily Lind Baker. For a full list of Consort sponsors, please visit our Sponsors page.

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