Chanson Medieval

Music of Machaut and Dufay

October 09 – 11, 2015
Folger Theatre
Concert Sponsors: Gail Orgelfinger and Charles C. Hanna
This concert celebrates Guillaume de Machaut and Guillaume Dufay, two of the most important French composers of the 14th and 15th centuries.
Machaut — a priest, poet, and courtier, as well as musician — was the last of the trouvères. But he was also forward-looking, and his motets and chansons became models for later generations. Composing a century later, Dufay stands out for his blending of full, sweet harmonies, flowing melodies, and structures he inherited from Machaut — a synthesis known today as Renaissance style.
With an ensemble of fiddles, harp, citole, lute, flutes, other winds, and three voices
Join Artistic Director Robert Eisenstein for a lively Early Music Seminar detailing the composers and the world surrounding this concert. Wine reception included. Purchase tickets here.

Who's Who

Vielle, viol, recorder, lute
Lute, harp, citole