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Folger First Folio 62

Detail of printed page showing horizontal printer's ornament above

To acquire this First Folio in 1916 for about $3,000, Henry and Emily Folger also had to purchase a Second and Fourth Folio—two later editions of the First Folio—from the bookseller as a package deal.

Just like Folger First Folios 3850, and 58, this First Folio was an “unrecorded” First Folio at the time of its purchase. That means it did not appear in Sidney Lee’s earlier 1902 Census of the Shakespeare First Folios.

Like many First Folios, this one has both missing and damaged leaves. All of the leaves of the introduction are missing; at the end of the book, the last two leaves of the last play in the volume, Cymbeline, are supplied in printed facsimile. It also has several damaged leaves that have been completed in handwriting.

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