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Folger First Folio 72

Detail of printed page showing horizontal printer's ornament above

Rachel Paule was the daughter of a wealthy 17th-century London merchant and the wife of William Paule, bishop of Oxford. She signed her name on the back of the title leaf of this First Folio. A late 17th-century engraved portrait of Rachel Paule suggests that she had significant social standing.

Henry and Emily Folger acquired this First Folio for $41,000 in 1926, making it one of the most expensive Folios they ever bought. The price was so high because, like Folger First Folio 59, this is a “first issue.” That means it was printed and sold before the text of Troilus and Cressida was added to the book.

At some point, a later owner or bookseller supplied the missing play from another First Folio. Leaves vary somewhat in size between different First Folios because they were trimmed during the binding process. As a result, the leaves for Troilus and Cressida are smaller in size than the other leaves in this First Folio. Two additional leaves in the First Folio’s introduction came from yet another First Folio.

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