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Cymbeline - Characters in the Play


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Cymbeline - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
Cymbeline, King of Britain
Cymbeline’s Queen
Imogen, daughter to Cymbeline by his former queen
Posthumus Leonatus, husband to Imogen
Cloten, son to the present queen by a former husband
Pisanio, Posthumus’s servant
Cornelius, a physician in Cymbeline’s court
Philario, Posthumus’s host in Rome
Iachimo, friend to Philario
A Frenchman, friend to Philario
Caius Lucius, a Roman general
Belarius, an exiled nobleman
sons to Cymbeline by his former queen
Two Lords attending Cloten
Two Gentlemen of Cymbeline’s court
A Lady, Imogen’s attendant
A Lady, the Queen’s attendant
A Briton Lord
Two Briton Captains
Two Jailers
Two Messengers
Two Roman Senators
Roman Captains
A Soothsayer
The Ghost of Sicilius Leonatus, Posthumus’s father
The Ghost of Posthumus’s Mother
The Ghosts of Posthumus’s two Brothers
Lords, Ladies, Attendants, Musicians, a Dutchman, a Spaniard, Senators, Tribunes, Captains, and Soldiers