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Henry VI, Part 2 - Characters in the Play


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Henry VI, Part 2 - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
King Henry VI
Queen Margaret
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, the king’s uncle, and Lord Protector
Duchess of Gloucester, Dame Eleanor Cobham
Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, the king’s great-uncle
Duke of Somerset
Duke of Suffolk, William de la Pole, earlier Marquess of Suffolk
Lord Clifford
Young Clifford, his son
Duke of York, Richard Plantagenet
Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Warwick, Salisbury’s son
Edward, Earl of March
sons of the Duke of York
Jack Cade, leader of the Kentish rebellion
John Holland
Dick the butcher
Smith the weaver
followers of Jack Cade
Lord Scales
Lord Saye
Sir Humphrey Stafford
His Brother, William Stafford
King Henry’s
supporters against Cade
Sir John Hume, a priest
John Southwell, a priest
Margery Jourdain, a witch
Roger Bolingbroke, a conjurer
Sir John Stanley
custodians of the Duchess of Gloucester
Thomas Horner, the Duke of York’s armorer
Peter Thump, Horner the armorer’s man or prentice
Two or Three Petitioners
Three Neighbors of Horner’s
Three Prentices, friends of Thump
A Man of Saint Albans
Sander Simpcox, supposed recipient of a miracle
His Wife
Mayor of Saint Albans
A Beadle of Saint Albans
Lieutenant, captain of a ship
Ship’s Master
Master’s Mate
Walter Whitmore, a ship’s officer
Two Gentlemen, prisoners
A Herald
Post, or messenger
Two or Three Murderers of Gloucester
Clerk of Chartham
Two or Three Citizens
Alexander Iden, a gentleman of Kent
Servants, Guards, Falconers, Attendants, Townsmen of Saint Albans, Bearers, Drummers, Commoners, Rebels, a Sawyer, Soldiers, Officers, Matthew Gough, and Others