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Pericles - Act 4, scene 5


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Pericles - Act 4, scene 5
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Act 4, scene 5

Scene 5


In Mytilene, Marina preserves her virginity through eloquent pleas to her potential customers. We see the effect on two such customers.

Enter two Gentlemen.

FIRST GENTLEMAN  1826 Did you ever hear the like?
SECOND GENTLEMAN  1827 No, nor never shall do in such a
1828  place as this, she being once gone.
FIRST GENTLEMAN  1829 But to have divinity preached there!
1830 5 Did you ever dream of such a thing?
SECOND GENTLEMAN  1831 No, no. Come, I am for no more
1832  bawdy houses. Shall ’s go hear the vestals sing?
FIRST GENTLEMAN  1833 I’ll do anything now that is virtuous,
1834  but I am out of the road of rutting forever.
They exit.