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Pericles - Characters in the Play


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Pericles - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
Gower, fourteenth-century poet and Chorus of the play
Pericles, prince of Tyre
Thaisa, princess of Pentapolis and wife to Pericles
Marina, daughter of Pericles and Thaisa
lords of Tyre
Three other LORDS of Tyre
Antiochus, king of Antioch
Daughter, princess of Antioch
Thaliard, nobleman of Antioch
Cleon, governor of Tarsus
Dionyza, wife to Cleon
Leonine, servant to Dionyza
A Lord of Tarsus
Three Pirates
Simonides, king of Pentapolis
Three Fishermen
Five Knights, suitors for the hand of Thaisa
Lords of Pentapolis
Lychorida, attendant to Thaisa and, later, to Marina
Two Sailors, mariners onboard ship from Pentapolis
Lord Cerimon, a wiseman/physician in Ephesus
Philemon, servant to Cerimon
Two Suppliants
Two Gentlemen of Ephesus
Diana, goddess of chastity
Lysimachus, governor of Mytilene
Pander, owner of brothel
Bawd, mistress of brothel and wife to Pander
Bolt, servant to Pander and Bawd
Two Gentlemen, visitors to brothel
Tyrian Sailor
Sailor from Mytilene
Gentleman of Tyre
Lord of Mytilene
Followers of Antiochus, Attendants to Pericles, Attendants to Simonides, Squires to the five Knights, Tyrian gentlemen, Citizens of Tarsus, Ladies of Pentapolis, Servants to Cerimon, Companion to Marina, Priestesses in Diana’s temple, Messenger from Tyre