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Richard III - Characters in the Play


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Richard III - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III
Lady Anne, widow of Edward, son to the late King Henry VI;
 later wife to Richard

King Edward IV, brother to Richard
Queen Elizabeth, Edward’s wife, formerly the Lady Grey
Prince Edward
Richard, Duke of York
their sons
George, Duke of Clarence, brother to Edward and Richard
Clarence’s Boy
Clarence’s Daughter
Duchess of York, mother of Richard, Edward, and Clarence
Queen Margaret, widow of King Henry VI
Duke of Buckingham
William, Lord Hastings, Lord Chamberlain
Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby
Earl Rivers, brother to Queen Elizabeth
Lord Grey
Marquess of Dorset
sons of Queen Elizabeth by her
former marriage
Sir Thomas Vaughan
Sir William Catesby
Sir Richard Ratcliffe
Lord Lovell
Duke of Norfolk
Earl of Surrey
Richard’s supporters
Earl of Richmond, Henry Tudor, later King Henry VII
Earl of Oxford
Sir James Blunt
Sir Walter Herbert
Sir William Brandon
Sir Christopher, a priest
Richmond’s supporters
John Morton, Bishop of Ely
Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower in London
James Tyrrel, gentleman
Gentleman, attending Lady Anne
Two Murderers
Keeper in the Tower
Three Citizens
Lord Mayor of London
Sir John, a priest
Seven Messengers
Ghosts of King Henry VI, his son Prince Edward, Clarence, Rivers, Grey, Vaughan, the two Princes, Hastings, Lady Anne, and Buckingham
Guards, Tressel, Berkeley, Halberds, Gentlemen, Anthony Woodeville and Lord Scales (brothers to Queen Elizabeth), Two Bishops, Sir William Brandon, Lords, Attendants, Citizens, Aldermen, Councillors, Soldiers