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The Tempest - Characters in the Play


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The Tempest - Characters in the Play
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Characters in the Play

Characters in the Play
Prospero, the former duke of Milan, now a magician on
 a Mediterranean island

Miranda, Prospero’s daughter
Ariel, a spirit, servant to Prospero
Caliban, an inhabitant of the island, servant to Prospero
Ferdinand, prince of Naples
Alonso, king of Naples
Antonio, duke of Milan and Prospero’s brother
Sebastian, Alonso’s brother
Gonzalo, councillor to Alonso and friend to Prospero
courtiers in attendance on Alonso
Trinculo, servant to Alonso
Stephano, Alonso’s butler
Players who, as spirits, take the roles of Iris, Ceres, Juno, Nymphs, and Reapers in Prospero’s masque, and who, in other scenes, take the roles of “islanders” and of hunting dogs