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The Stuart and Mimi Rose Collection

A vibrant, kaleidoscopic illustration featuring various historical figures, authors, and motifs. Central elements include intricate patterns, butterflies, florals, and symmetrical designs in bold colors like teal, orange-red, and beige. The figures are arranged within ornate frames.

Imprints in Time

From the underworld of Ancient Egypt to the surface of the Moon, Stuart and Mimi Rose’s collection of books and manuscripts offers a journey across human history, knowledge, and creativity. Gathered here are first editions, signed and dedicated copies, highlights of literature and thought, all of them in a remarkable state of preservation. There are discoveries in every direction. A collection is built one choice at a time.

This map represents the arrangement of the cases in the exhibition.

To begin your journey through time, click on a case number in the map below or from the menu above, or simply scroll down to visit the contents of each exhibition case. If you would like to visit this exhibition in person,  learn more here.

What discoveries will you make? Where will you start your path through the centuries, and where will it lead you?

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

Case 5

Case 6

Case 7

Case 8

Case 9

Case 10

Case 11

Case 12

Case 13

Case 14

Case 15

Case 16

Exhibition Medallions

The walls of the gallery present medallions featuring several authors whose work is on display in the exhibition. You can view them here.