Folger Consort Sponsors

Folger Consort gratefully acknowledges the kind support of the following sponsors for our 2018/19 season.

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Season Sponsors
Maygene and Steve Daniels
Helen and David Kenney and Family
Roger and Robin Millay
Neal T. Turtell
Scott and Liz Vance

Production Sponsor
Nancy Klein Maguire, Folger Scholar

Contributing Sponsors
Judy Areen and Richard Cooper

Associate Sponsors
Robert J. and Tina M. Tallaksen

Special Production Sponsors
Bill and Evelyn Braithwaite
Jeffrey P. Cunard
John and Connie McGuire

A Christmas Messe

Associate Sponsors
D. James Baker and Emily Lind Baker

The Food of Love

Contributing Sponsors
Gail Orgelfinger and Charles Hanna

Tastes of the Mediterranean

Contributing Sponsor
Andi H. Kasarsky

Associate Sponsors
David and Lenka Lundsten
Louisa Woodville and Nigel Ogilvie