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Shakespeare has something to say to everyone, and everyone has something to say back to Shakespeare.

Four hundred years after his death, Shakespeare lives on in classrooms everywhere, where students are asking big questions and making important discoveries about his language.

Through the Folger Method, a highly effective set of principles and strategies for helping all students grapple with complex texts, the Folger Shakespeare Library is revolutionizing how not just Shakespeare but literature is taught. The Folger Method is an engine for educational equity that enables all students to own—and enjoy—the process of reading closely, interrogating texts, collaborating with peers, and creating meaning. Over and over again, teachers call this way of teaching and learning “transformative.”

For four decades, our programs and resources have supported teachers in all kinds of schools and students of all abilities, both locally and nationally.

More than two million teachers and students each year benefit from in-person workshops, lesson plans, online classes and field trips, and the best-selling Folger Editions of Shakespeare’s plays.

Teacher Membership and Forsooth!, our online teacher community

Become an inaugural Teacher Member of the Folger Shakespeare Library and receive unprecedented support for the deeply important work you do. Be a part of this institution and of our robust teacher community that stretches across the country and around the world. Have the very best of the Folger at your fingertips, all the time. Let us work together to make teaching and learning exciting, rigorous, and inspiring for all. Teacher Members enjoy a long list of benefits, including premium access to Forsooth! The Folger Teacher Community, our growing home for online teacher workshops, lesson plans, and more. There you will find resources for teaching not just Shakespeare but a wide range of complex texts. 

Classroom resources

For the largest, most comprehensive bank of Folger classroom resources and video professional development, become a Teacher Member and receive unlimited access to Forsooth! The Folger Teacher Community. At the heart of every Folger learning resource is the highly effective Folger Method, which connects all learners to the power of rich language and the power of their own brains. The Folger Method unleashes the potential of every reader to understand complex texts without teacher explanation and to make real insights into texts that have been stirring readers for generations. Our teacher-created teaching modules apply this methodology to Shakespeare's works, integrating close reading through performance, primary source documents, and strategies for adapting and assessing learning. And our overview of Shakespeare's works includes information and images for every play, perfect for in-class activities or for self-directed learning. Students can also find out more about Shakespeare here on the Folger site, including his life and what theater was like in his day

Professional development

Our programs for teachers range from a single Professional Learning Day to the month-long Teaching Shakespeare Institute. All programs integrate scholarship, performance, and classroom practice, for a rigorous approach to Shakespeare that inspires students to understand and own the language of complex texts.

Student programs

We offer programs for a wide range of students, from elementary school through high school. Eligible students can benefit from our long-term, intensive programs: our school residencies for students from local DC schools, and the Lily McKee High School Fellowship Program for qualifying high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. And students at all levels learn by adapting and performing Shakespeare's works at our celebrated student festivals.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest from Folger Education by becoming a Teacher Member or find us on Twitter @FolgerEd. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, Bard Notes!