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Tools for teaching, planning, and enhancing the undergraduate classroom

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Early Modern Critical Race

Racial injustice has been and continues to be systemic and damaging. Today, scholars of premodern critical race studies are offering new insights into the prehistory of modern racialized thinking and racism. These selected resources provide a starting point for innovative teaching agendas with the goal of creating a more just and inclusive academy, classroom, and society. 

Early Modern Foodways

Early modern food calls to us from across a vast historical gap. How do we interpret food’s meanings and effects, then and now? The multi-disciplinary field of food studies makes an ideal topic of study for the undergraduate classroom! 

Book History

These resources help students understand how books were created, used, and interpreted in the early modern period, as well as how they are conserved and studied today.  

Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama

The Folger Shakespeare Library holds 82 copies of the First Folio, by far the largest single collection and more than a third of the 235 known copies in the world today. From this remarkable collection, the Folger has developed a range of tools for teaching about Shakespeare, his works, and the wider world of early modern drama.