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Join us in 2016 for The Wonder of Will, celebrating Shakespeare and his extraordinary legacy through special events, exhibitions (including First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare), performances, and more!
Located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, the Folger is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection—the ultimate resource for exploring Shakespeare and his world. We provide access to a huge array of resources, from original sources to modern interpretations.

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  • Now on Stage!

    Set among the Black and Jewish populations of an imagined time and place-—simultaneously Shakespearean, post-Civil War Washington, DC, and today-—District Merchants is a remarkable tale of money, merchandise, and mercy brought to the stage by four-time Helen Hayes Award-winner Aaron Posner.

  • Join us for Dramatic Musicke!

    Subscribe today for a stunning season about the connections between art, music, and theatre, featuring performances from Derek Jacobi, The Orlando Consort, and much more.


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