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    Painting Shakespeare

    Discover the paintings collection at the Folger—its stories, its glories, and Shakespeare’s power to inspire visual artists. On view now.

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    Shakespeare Quarterly Goes Digital

    Shakespeare Quarterly, the Folger’s peer-reviewed journal for Shakespeare studies, has launched a new online platform. See highlights from the published journal and read web exclusives, such as this story about Courtyard Theatre’s King Lear with Sheep.

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  • Will, Before He Was Famous

    Listen to an interview on the Shakespeare Unlimited podcast with the executive producers of TNT’s new series, Will, about imagining and adapting stories from the “lost years” of Shakespeare’s life.

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    New Shakespeare Fellowship

    The Folger Institute is partnering with the Shakespeare Association of America to offer a new fellowship, designed to promote scholarly work on William Shakespeare, his works, and their joined legacies.

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    Shakespeare for Kids

    Check out our fun and informative resources for kids and for Shakespeare beginners.

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Macbeth Meeting the Witches

Francesco Zuccarelli's Macbeth Meeting the Witches (1760), on display in the Painting Shakespeare exhibition, is one of the earliest paintings from this play.

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Shakespearian Novelettes

A Folger cataloger looks inside a series of nineteenth-century “Shakespearian Novelettes” featuring such colorful characters as “Termagent Kate.”

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Quiz: Songs in Shakespeare’s Plays

Shakespeare’s plays are filled with music. In this quiz, match the songs to the plays in which they appear.

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The period in which Shakespeare lived and worked was a period in which some of the foundations of what we now call the modern world were set. He had a front row seat to colonial expansion, the beginning of the modern corporation, scientific communication, international commerce, double-entry bookkeeping, trade, religious conflict, and the media revolution that was the printed book.
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  • RSC Live: Titus Andronicus

    The decay of Rome reaches violent depths in Shakespeare’s most bloody play. Titus is a ruler exhausted by war and loss, who relinquishes power but leaves Rome in disorder. Blanche McIntyre returns to the Royal Shakespeare Company to direct the Bard's brutal revenge tragedy. Screening at Folger Theatre on Mon, Sep 18, 7pm.

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