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The Collation

"What manner o’ thing is your crocodile?": April 2024

This month’s Crocodile Mystery presents you with an object that is used in the library, but is not part of the library collection itself.

Transparent V-shaped wedge

Please reply with a comment to share what you think it’s for and how it’s used. Alternatively, share a completely made-up purpose for it and try to convince us you’re right. We’re happy either way.


It looks to me to be a spacer or set on the short side to be against books to keep them from falling over on the shelf.

Judy M Ries — March 26, 2024


The name signifies an instrument used for preening the open face of the book to look well worn or sifted through in preparation of it being a readers digest and very much so like it was for an audience rather than only the authors perusal.

Eniefiok Akpanikat — March 28, 2024


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