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The Collation

“What manner o’thing is your crocodile?”: May 2019

Welcome to another Crocodile Mystery! This month, we ask that you look at the images below and tell us what they have in common. (Yes, we know there are many possible answers to this. Yes, we are looking for one in particular. And do excuse the blurriness; this is the last time we try to take zoomed in shots without a proper lens!)

Leave your thoughts in the comments and we’ll be back next week with the answer.


Each word contains one or more ligatures.

Tom Leech — April 30, 2019


Those italic ligatures?

Meghan Kern — April 30, 2019


They all feature discretionary ligatures.

Piers — April 30, 2019


Is there ligature caracteres in all images?

Isabelle Robitaille — April 30, 2019


Each image has at least one ligatured character

Deborah J. Leslie — April 30, 2019


Are these all examples of unusual type ligatures (not the usual ff, ffi, fl, etc.)? These examples show “cti,” double lowercase l, “ne,” “ma,”, and “nu.” These appear to be to be cast type ligatures, not examples of unusual kerning.

Barbara Blumenthal — April 30, 2019


All have ligatures but assuming it’s something cleverer – would love to know why those wild “Zo” types were made

Sean — May 3, 2019


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