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The Collation

Folger Tooltips: Digital image database logins and media groups

Dear Fellow Collators:

Today’s post focuses once again on powerful but perhaps under-utilized features of our digital image databases.

Recent tips have dealt with saving static URLs to get back to previous searches or to individual images, and saving static URLs to get back to multiple images arrayed on a workspace. One thing has been true for these tips (and for that matter all previous digital image database tooltips): there are many ways to make good use of these resources without ever registering or logging in with a personal account.

But is it time to step up your game? There are good reasons to get yourself a free (and secure) username and password. Today I’ll start with just one of those reasons: once logged in you can create any number of public, private, or password-protected “media groups” of the images you are working with. In future tooltips we’ll cover importing to and exporting from media groups as well as making use of the public media groups created and generously shared by others. But for now let’s get registered and create a first group or two.