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Folger Tooltips: Digital Image URLs, part two

an early modern workspace

an early modern workspace

Dear Readers:

This post is a continuation of the last tooltip on digital image URLs. The last post discussed how to link via a static URL to a search result set, how to link to the detail view and description of a single digital image, and how to link to a single zoomed-in detail by making use of the “image workspace.” We finished by looking at linking to just a single workspace zoom; for a reprise of what such a superzoom looks like in an image workspace, click above for a detail of Johannes Sleidanus (the first historian of the German Reformation) at work in his study.

Today’s post will provide more information about the digital image database workspace, which can be used as a sort of digital lightbox. With this tool you can compare however many images you’d like, laying them out on the screen with your own crop and zoom choices, and then assigning a static URL to that layout to save for later reference or for sharing with others.