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Folger Tooltips: Media group wrangling, part one

Our last tooltip covered how to create your own login for the Folger digital image databases, and once logged in how to create and begin working with media groups.

Today we’ll focus on some useful features of your media groups including: moving (or copying) images in and out of your various groups; importing photos to your media group from flickr; exporting your media group to powerpoint.

First however, a word or two about the media group toolbox available to you when logged in.

Media group tools

There’s a great slide-show tutorial at the Luna Imaging website on what these tools can do for you. I recommend following that link, but also want to demonstrate media group tools using Folger content.

Here’s what the toolset looks like once you’ve opened up one of your media groups (click for a bigger view): 

  1. It’s a frustrating experience familiar to all of us I’m sure: having a great image on hand and few clues as to where it came from. Here’s a tip: the six-digit filename of any image saved from Folger digital image databases is what we refer to as an “Image Root File (PDI)” — do an advanced search on the filename under that field and you’ll get back to the source.