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From Stage to E-page: Theater Archives at the Folger Library

[This post was first delivered as a talk at the 2012 conference of the Shakespeare Association of America as part of a session called “The Once and Future Performance Archive.”]

The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC opened in 1932. It is representative of a private institution whose collections were very much shaped by the interest of its founders, Henry and Emily Folger. Fortunately for theater historians, the Folgers were not only attracted to Shakespeare but had a personal interest in the theater which dated from their college days and was sustained throughout their years of collecting in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This past year we took a long hard look at the Collection Development Policy and tweaked it to reinforce the kinds of deep collecting begun by the Folgers, but also to think about ways we want to enhance what they began with an eye to the future. 

  1. For more on this grant, see the series of posts written by grant cataloger Carrie Smith.


Thanks for posting this presentation. Great to be able to enjoy it again and share with others!

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