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The Collation

Last month I wrote about a book—nay, a leaf of a book—and the secret histories it reveals about how it was made, from the growth of the tree that became the woodblock to the valleys and hills that formed during the making and printing of the paper. I promised then that I’d write another post that took us into the afterlife of that book, the ways in which the future imprinted itself on it.

  1. The numbers are more visible when backlit. R. MacGeddon [pseud. Randall MacLeod], “An Epilogue: Hammered” in Pete Langman, ed. Negotiating the Jacobean Printed Book (Ashgate, 2011), pp 137-99.
  2. EEBO is behind a paywall, but if you have access to it, you can find both copies of Lachrymae Lachrymarum by searing for STC 23578.
  3. This copy is also bound with Du Bartas’s works, which explains why the title page isn’t shown in EEBO as part of a full-page opening: the verso facing the title page would actually belong to a separate work.

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