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The Collation

Subscribing to the blog

As some of you have noticed (and kindly reached out to us about!), we’re having a little bit of technical difficulties with the built-in blog subscription module. (You may have noticed that the lovely “subscribe here!” box that usually lives on the right-hand side of the page has vanished…) We’re working on getting that sorted out, but in the interim, we do have a backup solution. So if you want to know how to go back to getting Collation posts delivered straight to your inbox, read on!

There is a service called FeedBurner that is set up to aggregate news and blog posts. There is a specific feed setup for The Collation:

To get the blog posts delivered straight to your inbox, you can sign up your email address here:

You will receive a verification email and once you confirm your email address, you will be subscribed to the blog.


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