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The Collation

Summer Retrospective

Happy summer, everyone! (Or happy winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)

From now until the end of August, we’re going to be doing a summer retrospective here on The Collation, highlighting some of our past posts. This blog has been around for eight (8!) years now, so we’ve got quite the pool to choose from!

To start off, let us take you back to where this all began, with our very first post from August 2011: Welcome to The Collation

The Hinman Collator—and more in the post about why the blog is called The Collation

We hope you enjoy these looks back into some of our favorite content, while we prepare to bring you even more new posts in the future.


Thanks for the image and a reminder of one of the great tools for serious bibliographic work. There was a census of how many were in various institutions about 1990. Since then some have fallen into disuse or been abandoned, if there a current census of how many are still in use?

Richard Murian — July 16, 2019


there is a partial answer to my question in Studies in Bibliography, Vol. 55 (2002) pp. 133-170 in an article by Steven Escar Smith “Armadillos of Invention”; a census of Mechnical Collators. Besides the HInman, it notes its competitors.

Richard Murian — July 25, 2019


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