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The Collation

“What manner o’ thing is your crocodile?”: December 2014

Another new month, another new crocodile mystery! What manner of thing is this? Please leave wild guesses, informed opinions, witty remarks, and so on, in the Comments section. All will be revealed later this week (or sooner, depending on how the Comments go).

December 2014 Crocodile

(Click image to enlarge)

UPDATE December 9: All is revealed in “Mezzotint!


Shaded area of a print created by a mezzotint rocker? NB this is a pretty wild guess — look forward to finding out the answer!

Simran Thadani — December 2, 2014


Looks like an area of print on a woven textile – silk? Or onto a textured paper? Even the non-printed area seems to have a warp and weft.

Jan Kellett — December 2, 2014


I’m with Simran: it’s the edge of a mezzotint, with stray marks of the rocker outside the image area.

Martin Antonetti — December 2, 2014


Could it be the edge of a mourning page?

Meredith Mann — December 3, 2014


At first glance I thought it was fabric, then I looked more closely and decided it was probably the edge of a mezzotint. If I’m wrong, I’m in good company.

Deborah J. Leslie — December 8, 2014


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