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ENCORES: A Celebration of Pablo Neruda (2017)

Folger ENCORES, red theater seats fading into darkness
Folger ENCORES, red theater seats fading into darkness

Folger Public Programs is pleased to present ENCORES, a bi-weekly online series highlighting past performances and recalling the rich history of programming on the historic Folger stage. These ENCORES provide a way to connect and revisit the breadth of Folger offerings with a wider audience.

ENCORES presents

O.B. Hardison Poetry Series
Then Come Back: A Celebration of Pablo Neruda
with Javier Zamora and Forrest Gander
February 14, 2017
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Javier Zamora read the poems

  • “6” by Pablo Neruda, translated by Forrest Gander
    • Then Come Beck: The Lost Neruda, 2016
  • “Exiliados” by Javier Zamora
    • Unaccompanied, 2017

Both published by Copper Canyon Press (

Read the introduction by poet Carlos Parada Ayala:

Hello and welcome to Folger Encores. I’m Carlos Parada Ayala, and I’m happy to be here with you. The Folger has been sharing selections from their plays, music, talks, and readings with you in this Encores series. In this episode, we are revisiting a reading celebrating the work of Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.

We came together in 2017 to honor Neruda’s poetry and the recent publication of a book of his lost poems entitled Then Come Back. This book included Neruda’s poems that he had composed on napkins, playbills, and notebooks in their original Spanish, with English translations by poet Forrest Gander. In the evening, held on Valentine’s Day—how appropriate for Neruda—we welcomed poet Javier Zamora, who read from Unaccompanied, his first collection of poems. I had the pleasure of joining in conversation with Forrest and Javier to celebrate the poetry of Neruda.

You are about to hear a portion of that reading where Javier reads Pablo Neruda’s “Poem Number Six” in English and Spanish, and then shares his own poem entitled “Exiliados.” We hope that you will enjoy the selection of the reading celebrating Pablo Neruda’s poetry with Javier Zamora. Please join us again for these biweekly episodes of Encores, highlighting all that the Folger has to offer. Thank you.

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