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The Folger Spotlight

ENCORES: A selection from “The Fairy Queen” presented by Folger Consort (2007)

Folger ENCORES, red theater seats fading into darkness
Folger ENCORES, red theater seats fading into darkness

Folger Public Programs is pleased to present ENCORES, a weekly online series highlighting past performances and recalling the rich history of programming on the historic Folger stage. As many arts and cultural institutions remain closed during this time, these ENCORES provide a way to connect and revisit the breadth of Folger offerings with a wider audience.

ENCORES presents

Folger Consort
A selection from from The Fairy Queen
Music by Henry Purcell, text by William Shakespeare
Directed by Richard Clifford, 2007
Read about this special presentation on Folgerpedia.


With special guests

  • Sir Derek Jacobi
  • Lynn Redgrave
  • Richard Clifford


  • Mark Bleeke, Tenor
  • Rosa Lamoreaux, Soprano
  • Francois Loup, Baritone
  • Drew Minter, Countertenor

and Chorus

  • Joellen Brassfield, Soporano
  • Philip Cave, Tenor
  • Barbara Hollinshead, Mezzo Sporano
  • Robert McDonald, Baritone

For more, enjoy Lynn Redgrave performing Titania’s “forgeries of jealousy” speech from the same performance.

Read the introduction by director Richard Clifford and actor Sir Derek Jacobi:

RICHARD CLIFFORD: Hello and welcome to Folger ENCORES. He’s Derek Jacobi.

DEREK JACOBI: And he’s Richard Clifford.

RC: And we’re pleased to speak with you. The Folger has been sharing selections from their plays, music, talks and readings with you in this ENCORES series.

DJ: And this week we’re highlighting The Fairy Queen, a production with music that we both appeared in—

RC: And I directed—

DJ: Alongside our dear friend, Lynn Redgrave.

RC: The composer, Henry Purcell and writer, William Shakespeare, are a natural combination for performance. If Shakespeare is the greatest English poet and playwright, then Purcell has a plausible claim of being the greatest English composer.

DJ: Of course Shakespeare would never have heard Purcell’s 1692 composition, The Fairy Queen, which was the music composed for the Restoration version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

RC: The result, The Fairy Queen, has proved to be enormously appealing to audiences ever since its rediscovery in 1901.

DJ: We love being on the stage at the Folger, and hope that you will enjoy hearing this selection from The Fairy Queen.

RC: Please be sure to join us again for these weekly episodes of ENCORES, highlighting all that the Folger has to offer. Thank you.

DJ: Thank you.

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