Exterior Façade Restoration Project

The restoration project for the Folger’s exterior façade began in 2018 and concluded with a final bas-relief treatment in 2020. The soft Georgia marble used in the construction of the Folger 88 years ago—and many other Washington-area buildings—was showing signs of severe weathering. Restoring the façade was part of the Folger's important work to preserve our landmark building for generations of future visitors. 
The restoration project included cleaning the façade’s stone as well as testing and replacing (as needed) the anchors holding the stone to the building. The metal flashing at the roof line was changed out for stone. 
The nine bas reliefs along the front of the building, each of which features a scene from a different Shakespeare play, also underwent cleaning and conservation treatments. They have been beloved by Folger visitors since the opening of the building in 1932.
MTFA Design + Preservation received the 2020 award for Design Excellence in Historic Preservation from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Northern Virginia for the Folger restoration.