Shakespeare Lightning Round: Michael Witmore

Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 5:00 pm
Virtual Event on Instagram
What’s your favorite Shakespeare play? Most overrated Shakespeare play? When it's intermission, what do you order from a theater's concessions stand? On the Shakespeare Lightning Round, our guests answer 30 lightning-fast questions about Shakespeare and the theater, sharing all of their favorite—and least favorite—things about the Bard. Tune in on Instagram Live.

Watch Folger Shakespeare Library Director Michael Witmore on our last Shakespeare Lightning Round of 2020:

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Dr. Michael Witmore, a scholar of Shakespeare and early modern literature as well as a pioneer in the digital analysis of Shakespeare’s texts, is Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Before coming to the Folger, Witmore was a Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, where he directed the Working Group for Digital Inquiry, a group of humanists who use computers to assist in traditional humanities research. His publications include numerous articles, website resources, and book chapters; he has published five books: Landscapes of the Passing Strange: Reflections from Shakespeare, with Rosamond Purcell (2010), Shakespearean Metaphysics (2009), Pretty Creatures: Children and Fiction in the English Renaissance (2007), Childhood and Children’s Books in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1800 (2006), and Culture of Accidents: Unexpected Knowledge in Early Modern England (2001). He has given scores of presentations and been invited to serve on numerous academic panels. He currently has several books in progress, including a study of early modern wisdom literature and a book on the nature of digital inquiry in the humanities.

Listen to Witmore's 2017 Shakespeare's Birthday Lecture, which explores 10 things that Shakespeare knew about people, history, and power that we still need to know today: