The Roman de Fauvel: Politics and Counterpoint in Medieval France

April 22 – 24, 2022
St. Mark's Church and on-demand
Virtual tickets on sale now

In 14th-century Paris, Fauvel is a mythical horse embodying all of man’s vices. He experiences a meteoric rise to political infamy in the French royal court where he is visited far and wide by clergy and noblemen who debase themselves to clean and brush him – or “curry favor,” a phrase originating from Fauvel’s story. Highlighting the dangerous political tendencies of mankind, the Roman de Fauvel is part of the long tradition of animal allegories that includes Reynard the Fox and Animal Farm. Woven into Fauvel’s tale are 169 richly imaginative musical works whose astounding variety ranges from monophonic chants to contrapuntally complex motets with multiple – occasionally profane – texts sung simultaneously. In these performances, the eccentric Medieval music of the Roman de Fauvel is paired with the world premiere of new settings by composer Juri Seo. With a medieval instrumental ensemble, vocalists, and a narrator, Folger Consort shares the satire, delirium, and allegory contained in the Roman de Fauvel. 


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